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The biomaterials subgroup focuses on cell interactions with a variety of self-assembled structures to design functional materials for regenerative medicine. These structures vary from the nanoscale (e.g., peptide amphiphile nanofibers) to the microscale (e.g., porous biodegradable scaffolds).  Projects are underway to design synthetic biomaterials that interact in specific, controllable ways with cells and proteins.

Every project in this subgroup combines the tools of cell biology, chemistry, and materials science to examine some aspect of cellular interaction with a defined material. The cells vary from primary mesenchymal and nerve cells, isolated within our own labs, to well-established infinite cell lines.  These cells are then allowed to interact with a variety of self-assembling materials, to determine effects on cell adhesion, phenotype, morphology, metabolism, toxicity, and/or gene expression.  Translational and pre-clinical studies are underway in collaboration with colleagues at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine, the Institute for BioNanotechnology in Medicine, and elsewhere to image, track and use these materials in vivo as regenerative scaffolds for wound healing and repair of skeletal, neural and cardiac tissues.



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